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Avant-Garde Vegan's Moroccan Chickpea Omelette

This recipe was taken from Vegan 100 by Avant-Garde Vegan.

Making It

The one drawback to this recipe is that it does call for quite a few herbs and spices. Fortunately for the most part they are common enough ingredients, perhaps with the minor exception of Ras el Hanout, and even that is increasingly common and is available in supermarkets.

The omelette part of the dish is very easy to put together, simply mixing together the herbs and spices with chickpea (gram) flour into a one bowl batter. [A note on chickpea flour: Before becoming a vegan I had never used this ingredient, however it is a real staple in seitan and the base of Burmese tofu which I love. So I would recommend always having some on hand.]

Putting the fillings together with the batter and cooking was simplicity itself, and very quick. It would be very possible to put this dish together in 20-25 minutes from scratch to plate.

I added my own small touch, a simple vinaigrette made from olive oil, white wine vinegar, basil, oregano, salt, and cracked pepper. It's based on a recipe I once used in pre-Vegan days to make a delicious tomato and mozzarella salad, and one I find adds a nice kick to salads, especially iceberg lettuce based salads.

Eating It

The flavour was excellent, the spices were wonderfully balanced and the fillings worked well with the omelette. I was slightly concerned that the spices would be overpowering, especially when adding the strongly scented Ras el Hanout. I've had that problem when putting together my own spiced dishes, but I should have had more faith in Gaz Oakley.

The contrasting flavours of omelette and filling were very satisfying and made for a complex and interesting eating experience. The spiciness of the omelette meeting the salty olives, and the sweet red pepper.

The only negative is that I found the omelette itself a tad dry (although that may have been my fault, either through overcooking or excising the tomatoes which my Dad hates) but not terribly so, and it was only really evident when eating a mouthful with not much filling.

The omelette had a nice soft texture, more like a pancake than an omelette but I liked it nonetheless. The varying textures of the filling ingredients with the topping made the eating experience very enjoyable.


8.5/10 A nice and healthy meal which was very easy to make and tasted delicious.

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